4C’s Enterprises supply systems built using:

BASLER cameras
(line and area scan)

PixeLINK cameras
(1394 interface, upto 6.6 megapixels)

ImagingSource cameras
(upto 1280x1024, 1394 interface)


Software and Hardware manufacturing for

Imaging, Automation, and Measurement


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Welcome to the 4C's Enterprises’ web site. The purpose of the site is to show what we have done, explain our methods of working and provide an easy way to contact us. It is still under construction so if you do not see what you want either contact us or visit the site again.

We specialize in software and hardware. We have some standard products which we can supply, or we can modify them to suit particular requirements or use our experience to design and build bespoke systems. Our interest is oriented towards the technical aspects of a project but we have also undertaken feasibility and cost effectiveness studies

Placeholder  ImageSome of the technologies we are familiar with are Windows (32 and 64 bit) Linux, GCC compilers, FPGAs, Arm processors, Ecos real time operating systems, dynamic web sites, fibre optic comms, PMTs, confocal microscopy, photon detection, surface inspection, databases, image processing, 3D imaging and production automation.

Browse our web site for more information about 4C's. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a 4C's representative regarding our products and services, please email us at sales@ccccs.com or call us on (44) (0) 1460 57936.


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