4C’s Enterprises supply systems built using:

BASLER cameras
(line and area scan)

PixeLINK cameras
(1394 interface, upto 6.6 megapixels)

ImagingSource cameras
(upto 1280x1024, 1394 interface)


Software and Hardware manufacturing for

Imaging, Automation, and Measurement

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Circuit design; pcb layout; manufacture.
PCI interfaces; FPGAs; embedded ARM processors.
LVDS serial; USB; Ethernet; CameraLink; LVDS parallel
High speed fibre optics.
Digital i/o; optical isolation.

IP for FPGAs:
DRAM controllers.
Fast interfaces.
Peak detect.
Lossless data compression.
Floating point arithmetic.
PCI interfaces.
Colour space conversion.
Display controllers.
Video sync separation and image generation.

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