4C’s Enterprises supply systems built using:

BASLER cameras
(line and area scan)

PixeLINK cameras
(1394 interface, upto 6.6 megapixels)

ImagingSource cameras
(upto 1280x1024, 1394 interface)


Software and Hardware manufacturing for

Imaging, Automation, and Measurement

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Application Software:
C-Vision framework and image processing library for Windows and Linux.
Time series analysis.
Confocal microscopes.
Monochromator control.
Photon detection and image integration.
Glass surface inspection for flaws.
Multi-camera synchronised video streaming for speed or duration.
Object tracking.
Component recognition.
Glass distortion measurement.
Image data base interface.
Automatic print inspection.
Particle image velocimetry.
3D surface measurement with structured light.

System software:
C; C++; C#; Java; Visual BASIC.
System programming and drivers for Windows, Linux, and ECOS rtos.
Embedded web servers.

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